Manifestation Check

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Would you like to have more money in your life?

That's what you can do with a manifestation check - it helps to bring the law of attraction into your life fast.

A long time ago, Jim Carrey was just another aspiring actor. He wasn't a headliner, just one of many, many hopefuls who wanted to appear on the silver screen.

So he took action on his dream - as reported on Far Out Magazine, he wrote himself a check for $10 million for ‘acting services rendered’ and dated it 5 years in the future.

He kept it in his wallet and kept looking at it regularly, even as it got tattier and tattier.

Then - 5 years to the day - he got awarded his famous part in 'Dumb and Dumber' and was paid $10 million for it.

Now, I can't promise that you'll get $10 million when you use a manifestation check. But I can tell you that it works really well to attract more money into your life.

To help the process, you'll need to do what Jim Carrey did. Visualize getting whatever it is that will bring you in the cash.

You might think that you can't visualize - that's perfectly normal because it gets trained out of us as we get older.

As a child, we visualized all the time. Maybe you had an imaginary friend who shared all your adventures.

But we're told we're not supposed to do that kind of thing as we get older. So we tune out of the idea of visualizing.

Which is actually dumber than the title of Jim Carrey's movie.

Near enough everything we use in this world was someone's visualization - your phone, the chair you're sitting in, the screen you're reading now. They were all simply ideas in someone's head but now they're physically real.

You can tap into this and bring all sorts of things into your life.

We'll show you the very simple steps you need to take to almost force the money you'll write on your manifestation check manifest into your life.

It's really easy to do.

And it only takes a few minutes (maybe less) to do.

The simple steps can be done anywhere. So when you're waiting in line or stuck in traffic or even flicking between Netflix shows, you can do this.

You can copy what we show you and start bringing that extra cash into your life.


You'll get a blank manifestation check, ready to print. The check has been specially designed to include lots of pointers to help the universe attract your dream sum of money: the numbers at the bottom of the cheque are lucky prime numbers, the watermark in the cheque includes the Norse symbols for luck (Rerth) and wealth (Fehu), the colours used in the cheque are money attraction colours.

You'll also get the 5 simple steps you need to bring your manifestation to life. Including the one very important step that Jim Carrey took but that's so often left out of the process. Include this step in your manifestation process and you're exponentially increasing the chance that it will manifest in your life.

So click the "I want this!" button on this page and start your exciting journey to extra cash now!

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Manifestation Check

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